Monday, February 4, 2008

Sports. Serious business.

So, as I assume everyone already knows, the Giants unexpectedly won the Superbowl last night. I watched the game up in Wilmington, and was actually rather excited that someone got the Patriots back for beating the Panthers. We were all kind of drunk when it ended, and a few of my friends brought up the idea of calling Stu and Big John up in New Bern to ridicule them about their "Unbeatable team" losing the Superbowl.

Before I go any farther, let me just make it clear I have no interest in football, or sports at all for that matter. Instead of watching the game on Monday night, I sit at my house and kill Internet dragons with my buddies. I was just looking forward to the chance to make someone mad.

So Gunderdick sends Stu a text massage saying "Haha patriots lost".

Almost instantly, Stu calls him up and begins to flip out. He talks about how Gdick doesn't know what he is saying, about how lucky the Giants got, and how Gdick is a moron in general. About 14 minutes into the conversation, it doesn't even have anything to do the the game anymore.

Gunderson slams his phone shut, vows that he will "Kill Stu", goes inside, and slams the door shut; more than likely waking up the two girls that were under us.

Naglefar, the voice of reason, sits outside with me for a while and we both came to the conclusion that sports are a game, and if if they make your life, you're a tool. However, we also decided that we would egg both of them on in a chance to see two of our good friends fight to the death. I'm putting money on Gdick, and will be selling tickets on a future blog post if the events do occur.

In conclusion, if you let sports rule your life to the extent that you are willing to get in physical fight over a game and a text message, you're doing it wrong.

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