Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I understand that different kinds of people like different kinds of music. Different stuff floats different people's boat. However. I've noticed an increasing number of  boys jamming to The Kooks, Jack Johnson, and the GooGoo Dolls.

Being the self-proclaimed "Most Hardcore Mother-fucker Alive", I only listen to metal. No other types of bands are really music. ACDC, The Beatles and Elton John are all posers. They just take stuff that Slayer has already produced and pump it full of estrogen. Unoriginal.

That guy with the multiple piercings and 16k silver wallet chains? The one walking around school in his Lamb of God shirt every single day? The one that you always see shredding on the guitar after school; pumping out Dragonforce, the hardest metal known to man, like some sort of aparition of death? Yeah. That's me.

I laugh as I walk down the sidewalk and these Weezer fans jump out of the way in fear of the good ol' fashion five fingers of fury. I can't think of a kid in town whose ass I haven't kicked.

Yeah, I've got a weapon on me. More than one actually. Razors, Iron knuckles, my spiked HIM belt, all that. If you were raised like me, you more than likely would also. Murders, kidnappings, I've seen it all. Done it all.

Damn right I'm in the Anime Club. I co-founded it. You claim it isn't good? That I'm a weeaboo? Shows what you really know. Anime is the best form of artwork in the world aside from Slayer albums. It is able to capture emotions and ninja techniques ten times better than film.

I just figured I'd tell all the other guys out there to quit being girly-men, and start rockin-n-rollin like I do if you ever want to get somewhere. If you don't have Slayer playing on your iPod every waking second of your life, do me a favor and get out of mine. Get a taste in music, and realize that you're wrong about what is right.


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Your blog is the fuckin shit, son! Word.