Sunday, March 30, 2008

Godly in life, mortal on paper.

As if applying for college didn't make me feel "normal" enough, here I am being forced to apply for scholarships. Now, I don't know about most people, but filling out applications really brings me down. The realization that I'm not very special hits hard.

They don't care how far my guild has progressed into the Black Temple, they don't want to see my Overkills in matchmaking, and they sure as hell don't want to read my blog. They don't even care about what I do on the weekends, what my friends think of me, or what kind of person I am. All the things which seem to make me who I am, all the achievements I am proud of, are deduced into GPAs, extra-curriculars, recommendations, and essays.

Spring break is, unfortunately, coming to an end. Despite my earlier prophecies, I actually managed to have a pretty amazing time. Matt and I went up to Raleigh from Wednesday to Friday, which was pretty life-changing.

We saw Badfish, a Sublime cover-band, at the Cat's. Scotty Don't opened for them. First off, the amount of jokes Matt can make out of "Scotty Don't" blows my mind. I think I heard them referred to as "Scotty Don't put it in that hole, Scotty Don't nut yet it's only been a minute, Scotty Don't know when to get off the stage you're so terrible as a band, etc. " Ask him yourself if you want a full list. It goes on for ages.Scotty don't wast pretty terrible, so naturally, when they got off the stage, we cheered at the top of our lungs. Only minutes till Badfish was coming.

As it turns out, Badfish is Scotty Don't with the lead singer wearing a different t-shirt. Sort of like Spider-man is Peter Parker in a spider suit.   They were way better at cover songs though.  After the concert was over, Matt and I had to sneak back into Merideth. This consists of spooning in the very back of Catherine's car with Matt, laying under a blanket, with a cooler on top of us.

There is a bunch of other stuff I could mention, but I have a raid starting in 25 minutes. While it may not be important to the Albert G. Banger Memorial Scholarship Comittee, I'm getting my epics tonight.

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